Out and about: March 18, 9 am-3 pm  

DFlyeresoto County Historical Society’s
Pioneer Days

Desoto Veterans Park
SR 70, 2-miles west of downtown Arcadia
DL Havlin will have his new novel
The Bait Man”

Come out and say hello!

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Sandy and Oreo

Sandy and Oreo

Learn about this fascinating writer, his accomplishments, his books and works in the future, both planned and complete. DL currently lives in southwest Florida with his wife Jeanelle, his golden retriever Sandy, and cat Oreo. He loves the outdoors (fishing is his passion), music, football, and cooking.

A world traveler that has strong opinions, DL realizes that others may differ with him and he believes they and their beliefs are entitled to respect.

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Taylor & Seale Publishing

“Wild child” Chessie Partin had enough of being branded a woman who never finishes what she starts, so when she stumbles on murder evidence implicating the local “bait man” (and her tormentor), she sets her jaw and enlists the help of her suspended policeman brother, Reading, to catch the man she’s sure is a killer. Huston there’s a problem! Not enough proof. She decides to gather enough facts on her own to convict bait man, Rooster Cocker, and to prove he is the despicable villain she believes him to be. Chessie finds she’s only partly right when she shoves her nose into a sinister enterprise that has corrupt officials protecting it and that may end up slicing and dicing her to be sold as “replacement parts” by Harlan Mengelberg, its evil owner.

ISBN:  9781943789450
Price:  $18.95

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