About DL

“Above all, I believe readers are thinkers”

A word about my writing philosophy-             
DLH-thinkingWhen an author asks his readers to invest cash and, more importantly, their valuable time by reading his books, I believe they can expect the writer to be committed to a credo. What can readers depend on when they pick up one of my novels and start turning pages? Here are the principles I adhere to when authoring a novel. 

First, I believe readers are thinkers.  Their sharp minds want to be challenged as they’re entertained.  They look for nuggets in the gravel.  They mull over the logic of what they’re reading.  They value the subtle more than the obvious.  They want to find a truth, a girder to strengthen the strong structure they make of their lives and that separates them from the non-reader.  It’s one of the reasons all my novels have an underlying theme.  For example, September on Echo Creek is a story about a young woman struggling with her fiancee’s lack of ethics and morality, but on a deeper level, the book explores the way guilt strings are used to control a person and the ruinous impact on their lives.      

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