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Royal Palm Award Havlin won a Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association for his historical novel manuscript, Blue Water, Red Blood, at their conference in Orlando, October 22. Blue Water, Red Blood traces events leading to the development of amphibious warfare tactics used in World War II and the men who made them reality.

Blue Water Cover frontTold through the eyes of a Tarawa survivor, these historical events are accurately relived over a 11 year period.  The real life characters’ fictional encounters let the reader experience their thoughts, emotions, and frustrations as these men struggle against multiple obstacles to save thousands of lives in the battles against Japan.The true story of the Amphibious Tractor used by US Marines during World War II is told by this unique novel.  Three very different men with very different motives   have a part in the development and adoption of the LVT the landing vehicle that made the invasions of the Pacific islands possible.  Welding together the lives of  Donald Roebling inventor of a hurricane rescue vehicle, Andrew Higgins a boat manufacturer, and General Holland Smith father of modern amphibious warfare, they fight Navy skepticism and government bureaucracy to prevent the slaughter of troops making the most dangerous of all military maneuvers, a landing on a fortified enemy beach.

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Book Front Cover-The CrossTwo Confederate soldiers are trapped behind Union lines as Sherman marches to the sea.Injured and evading capture, they find shelter in a church with a brave minister and his “family.” Thankful for the preacher’s act of compassion, one soldier commits to maintaining the cross atop the church’s steeple as long as it stands. The intense story tells of the two soldiers’ hardships, the fate of their rescuers and the struggle to fulfill one of the soldier’s promises by future generations. The soldiers, their descendants and those who protected them make sacrifices that consecrate the church grounds and make it a place where miracles occur and prayers are answered. The events that transpire there range from ghostly appearances to the thwarting of a murder. Those who are impacted by acts of faith and duty truly have the right to thank The Cross on Cotton Creek.

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A Place No One Should  Go New CoverCanoeing into the Florida wilderness is a near weekend ritual for the Callison family. Even the youngest of their three children at five years old knows how to safely navigate the dangers of the wild. But, what happens when the wilderness they are required to traverse is contained within a man’s soul?

Ben Callison and his family’s latest camping trip takes a strange and sinister twist when they meet a myeterious Indian where they elect to pitch their tent. The Seminole warns Ben he’s camped in a place that evil calls …

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   Sept on Echo Creek A story of a woman’s betrayal and her struggle for emotional independence – and the place, the people, the mystique that helped her. In September on Echo Creek, a single ethical concession by Gaylynn Nelson, coerced by her fiancé, forces her on a trip, igniting a dizzying series of events. Her “vacation” changes the lives of friends and family in her Manhattan home and in the mountains of rural North Carolina. A character driven novel, September on Echo Creek tells how an affluent socialite is confronted by her conscience and life style in this story of cultural clash and betrayal. During a thirty-day period she is forced to accept that her future is threatened by those who profess love for her, not an acknowledged adversary. With the help of friends, old and new, Gaylynn faces redefining who she is – and survives an attempt on her life.  

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Reviewers and readers say:
Name: Pat Hergert
Comment: Mr. Havlin, I purchased your book “September on Echo Creek” at Craig’ RV Park at a bluegrass festival. Loved the story… have read it 3 times. I had our church friends book club read and discuss it this month. Everyone really enjoyed it and we had one of the best discussions of all winter. So glad to find other books from your prolific mind and will be ordering them soon. Thank you for giving us so much reading pleasure. Pat
Date: 3/5/14

Name: Cindy Depp-Hutchinson
Comment: Our church book club read your book “September on Echo Creek”. We wanted to let you know we enjoyed the book. All in attendance could not figure out who the fisherman was. We found it suspenseful and couldn’t put it down. When we all got to the end, we loved the descriptive details. We felt we were on Echo Creek. We would like to visit Echo Creek.
Date: 4/07/14

“The book and CD combo is a great idea from two rising stars in the publishing and music world.”

“Its strong feminine characters steal the show. Hurray for writing with a heart.”

“Pace. At last an author has rediscovered it. In DL Havlin’s September on Echo Creek, the plot draws the reader in carefully and quickens the story to a suspenseful conclusion. It’s good to read a book that’s first pages aren’t so overloaded it loses its punch. Put this book on your buy list.”

Ghost Story! Imagine being skeptical of the existence of ghosts, only to find they are real and that by accident you’ve carried two unwanted spirits home. In The Hangin’ Oak, a happy prosperous couple finds their lives and futures upended under the influence  of two apparitions thrust forward in time 140 years. Forced to cope with the reality posed by each other, the fortunes of humans and specters lead them to forge a relationship to help solve both their problems. In this character driven novel, set in the modern South, moments of humor and heart mixed with drama and suspense will urge the reader to re-examine the question “Are there such things as ghosts?”                              

Price $13.95

What people say: “The Hangin’ Oak is a gritty, modern-day ghost story that will make you believe. Havlin’s suspenseful plot, insightful heart-felt observations on relationships, and infectious sense of humor combine for a compelling read that will keep you turning the pages.” Elizabeth Spann Craig, Author of A Dyeing Shame “Havlin takes his reader to a place he knows well, the swamp and scrub of Florida. Too narrowly defined as a “ghost story,” The Hangin’ Oak combines early Florida history with the natural mystery that is still the “old Florida” many of us remember and still visit. Robert W. Fulton, PhD., Author of But…You Know What I Mean.

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