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Seminars and classes

Crafting Characters with a Scientific Assist – This course is designed to provide authors a method to create exceptionally believable characters that add to story realism and sharpen the tension required to produce an engrossing plot. The course is based on scientific principles used in the field of human resources and in managing interpersonal relationships. Each participant leaves with a “tool box” to assist in future writing efforts. – Highly acclaimed – Suggested allotted time – six hours plus for full course (“Intro” class available – 2 hours – not recommended)

 Basics in writing historical fiction – An introduction to the genre providing authors information covering the definition of historical fiction, the genre’s subsets, and the depth and way history is used in various sub-genre. It provides writers with the expectations and demands of historical fiction readers and starting points such as theme selection, with an extensive coverage in researching the historical novel.
Suggested allotted time – four hours

 Tips for the Author: Novice or Old Hand – “I’ve met the enemy and he is me.” (Pogo paraphrased) An assemblage of tips and mistakes to avoid, for all writers. Whether the participant is a new-bee or an experienced author these are suggestions that make your work readable, credible, enjoyable and salable! From tactics to strategy and imagination to research this course covers the things DL Havlin has done right and the errors he’s had to correct in twenty-plus years of writing so you can profit from them.
Suggested allotted time – one hour.

 To publish or not to publish, that IS the question – There is a huge difference between writing a good book and a salable one. This class provides an insight into what factors differentiate a mediocre book that sets sales records versus a “great” book that sits on book shelves. Planning is the key to selling a work and that has to start BEFORE you begin to write. The class defines niche markets and how to exploit them.
Suggested allotted time – one hour

Building a platform for both non-fiction and fiction authors – What’s a writing platform? It’s not built on the top of telephone poles, but it is a requisite for non-fiction authors and a valuable addition to the fiction writers marketing arsenal. This class deals with the way to build one, a legitimate one, in the field which you wish to write. Is a doctorate necessary? No, but a real, thorough, and defensible knowledge of your subject matter is critical. Ways to construct that “pulpit to preach from” are offered in this class.  Suggested allotted time – one hour 

Have a shot of realism – What it takes to become an “established” author and the odds of success. – The odds of becoming an “A” or “B” list fiction author is 1700 times less favorable than a starting college football player making an NFL roster! Sobering? Yes! Is it worth the effort? You be the judge! An honest look at what it takes to be successful and established as an author past the hobby level. It’s true … anyone can write a book, just as many folks who make their money from aspiring authors say. What no one talks about are the odds that a person, one with the required skills, imagination, experience and luck, must accept for a chance to “grasp the brass ring.”
Suggested allotted time – one hour

Be brief – one of writings commandments – “Less is more!” The art of getting it said in a few powerful words. Presentation’s emphasis is on “how to.”
Suggested allotted time – one hour

 Human relation skills to improve your performance and influence – This is a comprehensive class in the field of managing your interface with others, predicting others behavior, and improving your ability maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. It requires advance work and mental dedication. This class has been taught to governmental agencies, Fortune 500 BOD’s, and literally hundreds of businesses and organizations. Contact DL for more information.
Required Time for the Course – 16 hours class time / 4 hours independent time spent

 Historical & Current Event Talks-

Florida’s contribution to WW II & World War II’s contribution to Florida – The presentation covers this little appreciated period of Florida’s history. No event changed and shaped the Sunshine State as much as WWII. This explanation tells the where, what, when and how Florida’s “military invasion” occurred. The D Day invasion force trained here as did the Doolittle raid. The story of how the least populated state east of the Mississippi, with a small economy and a bad “reputation” developed into today’s modern prosperous state is fascinating. And … did a lot to help win the war.
Suggested allotted time – one hour

The Florida Legacy of Jake Summerlin – King of the cattle barons – This presentation covers the life and times of the “King of the Crackers” Jake Summerlin. He was the most influential man in the state for the period that bridged from its last Spanish colonial days until the twilight of the 20th century. Summerlin pioneered and was the most prominent force in the cattle business which provided early Florida with the first plank in its economy. From fighting and negotiating with the Seminoles to settling family feuds to being a political “king maker” Jake was a man of many talents. He donated the state’s first free public school, Orlando’s first Court House and established the first international telegraph service. Summerlin was Florida’s eighteen hundreds giant.
Suggested allotted time – one hour

Florida, the forgotten years – The years between the Civil War and WWII are hardly ever a part of major historical profiles of the state. It doesn’t mean nothing was happening from 1865 until 1914. Battles between cattle barons replace battles with Indians. Diston drained the land and speculators destroyed Florida’s reputation with crooked land deals. Hurricanes far more destructive and deadly than those heralded today stalked the land. Orange blossoms drenched the states air with perfume and Edison perfected his light bulb here. Don’t forget the forgotten years. This presentation covers forgotten events that affect us today. Suggested allotted time – one hour

The Loyal 14th Colony – Florida in the Revolutionary War – When someone says,The Revolutionary War!” did you think of Florida? This presentation covers the intrigues, chaos, and violence that Florida became in this period. Not many people know what happened in Florida, Britain’s 14th Colony during the war. It was the only colony to stay loyal to the Crown and its people paid dearly for their choice. During the Revolutionary War and thirty-five years after, were periods of bloody violence in the state that made Dodge City and Tombstone look like Quaker Sunday school picnics. This is the story of why this occurred. Suggested allotted time – one hour

A look at Hell – the story of the invasion of Ukraine as related by two men that lived it. – In development. Based on eye witness input, and extensive research, this is the story to of two of the world’s most barbarous society’s war on a region and its defenseless people. The population of Ukraine on June 22nd 1941, the day Hitler launched Barbarrosa … his plan to destroy the USSR, exceeded 40 million people. On May 8th 1945, there were 29 million Ukrainians left alive. For every day of the war over 7,500 innocent people died. It is difficult to tell whether Hitler or Stalin killed more. This is the fact not the story. Suggested allotted time – one hour

Other discussion topics and classes

Historical & Current Event Talks-

  1. The Patriot War & Florida 1785 through 1821 – New Power Point Available August 1, 2017
  2. Flaming Florida: The Seminole and Civil Wars 1815 to 1865 – New Power Point Available October 1, 2017
  3. Booms & Busts: Florida’s flirtations with speculations – New Power Point Available

December 1, 2017

  1. Florida Museums – Where they’re at and what they display – New Power Point Available September 1, 2017

Book Discussions & Readings

The Bait Man – Most recent release – “Wild child” Chessie Partin struggles to get a life-style do over as she pursues an archeology degree and takes a part time job on a charter fishing boat. A vile man she has to work with threatens to cut the line to her new life before she has a chance to live it. Is he a murderer? This suspenseful mystery takes Chessie into a world of powerful criminals and threatens her life when she finds out The Bait Man is just one strand in a bowl of spaghetti! 
Suggested allotted time – one hour

 Bully Route Home – A bullied twelve year old boy faces an adult world of racism and bigotry after his choice of taking a way home through the “black quarters” to avoid a daily beating. Set in South/Florida in the 1940’s it is the past’s portrait of today’s problems. The book deals with bullying, racism, and parenting. FWA Royal Palm Literary Award winner – Best Literary Novel.  
Suggested allotted time – one hour

Blue Water, Red Blood – More history than fiction this book tells the story of the LVT, an amphibious vehicle the Marines used to win the war in the Pacific. Two historical figures fight technical and bureaucratic obstacles to save lives. The story tells how things like a deadly hurricane, a cocktail party, and a magazine article can alter history and save 100,000 lives.  FWA Royal Palm Literary Award winner – Runner-up Best Historical Novel  Suggested allotted time – one hour

The Cross on Cotton Creek – This novel is dedicated to the value of personal integrity and the intrinsic value of keeping one’s word. When 2 civil war soldiers are wounded and left behind, an elderly minister shelters and nurses them to health. As thanks, one makes an oath to maintain the cross on top of the church. Experience the good that springs from his promise and sacrifice.
Suggested allotted time – one hour

A Place No One Should Go – Based on Calusa Indian spiritual heritage, this psychological thriller, set in the Everglades. tells the story of a man who takes his family camping on a Seminole Reservation. He must confront an ancient evil AND make the decision whether evil exists in him. The book examines one of the 21st century’s major issues: The cost of infidelity. POW book awards – Best Thriller, Best Novella 
Suggested allotted time – one hour

September on Echo Creek – A young urban woman, finds herself controlled by her fiancée with guilt strings, in the same manner her mother did. When her fiancée tries to coerce her into an unethical business deal, she flees to the mountains of Carolina. The culture shock changes her life and she finds a way to gain her emotional emancipation. POW book awards – Best Women’s Mainstream
Suggested allotted time – one hour

The Hangin’ Oak – A Florida folk tale comes true when a 20th century couple investigates a legend about a 19th century man and woman unjustly hanged for infidelity. The modern couple face the impossibility of ghosts and adapt to sharing their home with the spirits. Ghosts and hosts work together to solve the others problems with a surprise and inspiring end. FWA Royal Palm Literary Award winner – Best Mystery Novel, POW book awards Best Mystery & Author of the year.
Suggested allotted time – one hour

The Hidden Door – (unpublished) Based on historical events and the actual experiences of two people who endured it, this is the history of the Nazi invasion of Ukraine in 1941. It tells the story of unparalleled suffering and horror this event brought to the soldiers, and more particular, to the defenseless civilians who died at a rate of over 7,000 a day for the entire war. It occurred in a world whose circumstances are eerily similar to today’s geopolitical environment. This novel is a warning and a testament to the human commitment to live … to love … to survive. FWA Royal Palm Literary Award winner – Best Historical Novel.  Suggested allotted time – one hour

Book Discussions & Readings-

The Clayton Chronicles: The Wild, Wild, East
The Clayton Chronicles: Flaming Florida – A land at War
The Clayton Chronicles: Florida, the Forgotten Years
The Clayton Chronicles: The child has such large feet!
Turtle Point-
Out of Italy-
Francis’ Flowers-
The Three Lives of Larry Siegel-
The Chair-

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