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Turtle Point**
Iron Lady Mystery Series


Benny Dupree, well-known contractor and respected citizen living in Southwest Florida, has one eccentricity. That is his slavish devotion to preserving sea turtle nesting grounds. Despite his upstanding citizen image, Benny harbors a dark secret in his past that chains him to a piece of land, a deed, and a memory. Two individuals need to unearth his secrets to help them in their quest for a fantastic treasure and they’re willing to commit unlimited evil to uncover them.

When Benny realizes someone is searching into his past, he looks for help and protection in the form of a lawyer and investigation agency. Harper Sturgis is just the person for the job. She’s an ex-Marine intelligence officer who’s strong and smart enough to stare down any situation she’s confronted with. Harper is faced with representing Benny regarding a past killing, and with protecting him from those that will commit murder to learn the secrets buried at Turtle Point.

Out of Italy **
Iron Lady Mystery Series 


The Three Lives of Larry Siegel *
Mainstream humor

Ever know anyone who went through a rugged divorce, that person being the “dumpee” not the “dumper?”  Losing the anchor rope with which they maintained their position in life, they become lost in a sea that separates their daily existence into different boats.  The Three Lives of Larry Seigel relates such a protagonist’s tale as he’s tossed from one facet of his life to another while searching for a new compass and “true north.”  Three Lives is 22 chapters of laughs and two that elicit tears, because life seldom allows us to come to grips with its purpose without experiencing both.

Larry Seigel’s work, loves, and apartment home compete and conflict for control of his rudder.  He’s happy with his job as marketing manager of a commode manufacturer, but his life is complicated by its eccentric owner and some of its envious employees.  His 3 love interests and his interfering ex-wife confuse him as he subconsciously asks, “can I find the right one without repeating my first mistake?”  Larry’s spare time provides no relief as he’s buffeted by zany neighbors, mischievous pets and responsibility for an aging uncle.  Enjoy Larry’s voyage and discover how he regains control of his course.

Francis’ Flowers –  **

Two serial killers terrorize a small Georgia town; one the local Sheriff knows about from information from outside, and, one unknown that lives among them who is far more deadly.  Death reigns over the community and law enforcement is powerless to stop the horrors.  While the one killer invades and local women begin disappearing and suffering hideous fates, the clever local serial killer, selects and murders victims while finding the perfect way to dispose of bodies. One must kill the other to survive. The Police haven’t a clue until a detective’s wife discovers the secret of Francis’ Flowers.

The Chair *

The suicide of her college lover sends a woman into depression and a sea of regrets.  As she questions her marriage and is tortured wondering if she could have prevented the death of her soul-mate, her life begins to disintegrate.  A strange man intercedes to help her as the grave dug to bury her x-lover exhumes secrets from her youth that threaten her very existence.  Katie Landers must relive her past to understand her youthful decisions and the ramifications of the compromises she’s made.  To face her mistakes and reclaim her life Katie’s mystical friend provides her access to relive her college days.  Sit in The Chair with Katie as she sees her past life through more mature eyes.

The Chair – Inheritance  +


A sequel to The Chair.  A woman learns her parents aren’t hers by birth, that she may not be who she believes she is and that there are sinister parts to a past she knows noting about. Ev Sevil and his mystical world return to help this woman who discovers her world is crumbling around her.

The Hidden Door ** 

Aaron Hiemberg begins a painful pilgrimage back 60 years to the days of his youth. It was a time of terror, a time when life was a thing to which one clung from one day to the next. He and fellow survivor, Lilyanna Goronavich, return to Kiev to pay homage to those who saved them after the Nazi’s bloody victory in Ukraine.

On June 22, 1941, Adolf Hitler unleashed his armies on the Soviet Union in a plan he called “Barbarossa.” The surprise Nazi military operation created the largest and most horrible series of land battles in all history. Millions died in the crucible of battle and millions more in the tyrannies that followed. In the West, few know of these events. This novel recounts the chaos, carnage, ferocity, and evil this part of the war brought…and the heroic struggle civilians waged to survive.

The Hidden Door” follows the lives of individuals caught in this tragedy. Two families, the Goronavichs and the Hiembergs, fight to stay alive. Their lives are battered, as one ruthless corrupt system is replaced by another even more sadistic and barbaric. German and Soviet soldiers involved in combat experience its horrors and witness the unbelievable suffering inflicted by its aftermath. Events in their lives are chronicled over a six-month period as their paths converge at one of humanities most shameful events, the massacre at BabiYar. They attempt to cope with the oppression, destruction, and death surrounding them, fighting for their right to live, love, and have hope for the future.  The tragic, but beautiful love story of a peasant girl and a Wehrmacht soldier provides evidence the human spirit persists and is wrapped around the historical facts.

Historical events and timetables, military movements, regional and religious customs, even military equipment from this conflict were thoroughly researched and are accurately portrayed in the writing of this novel. The author’s inspiration for the book was his association with two Ukrainians who weathered the invasions inferno. Their stories of survival, deeds good and bad, and many of their agonizing experiences are blended into the novel.  The terror they suffered and survived provide important lessons for today’s reader.

Story-Time-R * Short stories

A revision and update of DL’s popular short story collection featuring humor with which young and old can identify, this book has each story timed so the busy reader can select one that fits their schedule. The stories are punctuated with “one liners” that become part of the reader’s repertoire.

Return to Cotton Creek *

Return to Cotton Creek is a sequel that answers questions left at the end of The Cross on Cotton Creek. What happened to Jasmine’s children? What happens to the Dawes family and the tradition from the story’s ending in 1954 to the present? What happens to the huge amount of money everyone seems to have forgotten about? Does continued faith and devotion to meeting an ancestor’s obligation mean continued miraculous events at the old church? Things become more difficult and complicated for the Dawes’ as today’s world claws at their values. Will they be able to maintain The Cross on Cotton Creek?

Landry Dawes and his heirs keep their ancestors commitment to the minister who saved the life of their Confederate soldier ancestor.  This sequel to “The Cross on Cotton Creek,” answers the questions left undisclosed in the original novel.  The power of a man’s word continues to manifest itself in a small but vibrant rural Georgia community.

The Spiral In *

This story proposes another theory regarding how the earth may have been populated.  Over billions of years we know our solar system has changed.  Accompany the first inhabitants on earth as they flee their disintegrating planet to colonize Earth and continue the eons long migration of the human species in toward the sun from our solar systems outer reaches.

Even, Inc.

A woman seeks justice when her daughter is raped, beaten, and mentally destroyed by powerful political and financial persons.  Her lawyer refers her to a company that can provide her the service she desires.  She must ask herself if she’s willing to pay the price.

Sandy Says – The Book +Short stories

A collection of wisdom and commentary from DL Havlin’s Golden Retriever’s (Sandy) blog mixed with additional views on life by this “Dogfussious” of the canine world. Be fore-warned Sandy believes canines are superior to humans in most ways and isn’t reticent in expressing her views. Prepare to have your funny-bone tickled.

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye +

A young couple meets in all the wrong circumstances and conditions, but cannot forget each other. Unwilling to abandon their dream of a life together, they struggle to maintain contact as both are pulled in opposite directions by the necessities and surprises of daily living. Will they ever reach a point they agree they can say goodbye?

The history of love that never finds the right time for the two individuals involved.  Meeting as 20 year olds at a youth camp social status is a barrier between them as the girls parents intercede. A chance meeting a few years later is terminated when the man has to go to the Vietnam.  When he doesn’t write she becomes engaged to another.  (mother throws away mail) He returns, is crushed and moves along. Next time they meet in an airport.  She’s divorced (page her name) they talk, old feelings but he’s now married.  He ends up taking plane to where she’s going.  End up in bed.  Both feel guilty after it’s over.  Agree its better not to keep track of each other. She does any way, but stops when she develops a relationship with a new lover.  Man is going to propose on a sunset cruise.  Stop to help a boat in distress – it’s the man she loves.  Says no to proposal.  Hides from him on boat, but watches him.  Waves to him at dock then runs away.  He traces her – is in her apartment when she returns one night from work. HEA–

To Hear the Sound of Wings

Two friends face the lives they have built for themselves as they approach, fear, and fight their senior years. This story of unconditional friendship places human success and failure in prospective.

The Chair – Inheritance  +

A sequel to The Chair.  A woman learns her parents aren’t hers by birth, that she may not be who she believes she is and that there are sinister parts to a past she knows noting about. Ev Sevil and his mystical world return to help this woman who discovers her world is crumbling around her.

Olsyanna’s Song

A sequel to The Hidden Door  –  The life of Olsyanna, the abducted Ukrainian girl is chronicaled as the Soviet Union recovers from the disastrous war.  With the Battle of Stalingrad as a major setting, it tells of her survival during World War II, in the post-war Soviet Union, and her rise to prominence.

Grains of Wheat– 

A sequel to The Hidden Door  – This is the story of Aaron and Lilyanna’s escape from Ukraine, their struggle to adapt, and to establish themselves in the US, and of their eventual success. Against the backdrop of America in the 50’s and 60’s the two immigrants find very different paths to fulfillment.

Direct Connection –

Sometimes serious, sometimes zany situations occur when the All-mighty discovers a method of interacting with his “constituents” and seeing that things on earth don’t get to far out of whack.

Matraeus Affair –

Why did a man with such a splendid record as a leader suddenly abandon his principles for a “roll in the hay?”  This novel tells details of a conspiracy to destroy a man because he’s a potential threat to an unscrupulous, vile, corrupt politician and his machine.  Sex, lies, and politics abound in that cesspool-world known as Washington as a good man is betrayed and the evil prosper.

 Wild. Wild, East –

A woman tries to make her way in the wild frontier in Florida of the mid 1800’s.  After being betrayed by her a Civil War lover, a Union officer, she’s abandoned and stranded in Jacksonville.  Forced to make a living anyway she can, she scrapes together enough money for “a new start” in the wild and lawless cattle country that was the Orlando area in the 1870’s.  With the help of a powerful man she prospers.  Soon four suitors vie for her affection in the female starved country.  She must decide which one loves her versus those that only want her, when a skeleton from her closet’s past threatens to ruin her life.  Does she evade her previous reputation or is she crushed by it?  Rich in the history of Florida’s frontier cattle days.

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